Tree Cabling is an Alternative

At Clark’s Tree Service, we know that tree removal is not always the answer.

Though in danger from wind and weather, some trees are cherished favorites, while others add value and beauty to the landscaping of your property.

As an alternative to tree removal, tree cabling can be a conservative and affordable approach.

Cables add much needed support to the tree while helping reduce the risk of weather damage to weak limbs and branches.

A high strength steel cable is attached in the upper crown of the tree between branches. The cable is held in place with bolts. Once the cable is installed, the branches have limited mobility. Therefore, in severe weather conditions the branches remain stable and will not break and fall. Tree cabling can prolong the life of your tree for many years and help eliminate worries of property damage or personal injury from a fallen branch.

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Benefits of Tree Cabling

  • Saves trees with weak branches
  • Stabilizes trees with abnormal curves
  • Adds strength to the tree in severe weather
  • Prolongs life of the tree

Contact us today if unstable branches threaten the health of your tree or your property. We’ll arrange for a free consultation on how professional tree cabling can save the health and look of your favorite trees.

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