Bucket Truck Tree Services

We have the Equipment We Need to Do the Job Right

Success in the tree removal business requires a lot of manual labor and hard-won knowledge on the job. At Clark’s Tree Service, our first priority is the safety of both our employees and our customers.

When appropriate to the project, we deploy either a 60 or 75 foot bucket truck to the job. These heavy duty vehicles feature a long arm carrying a platform or bucket for a worker to stand on or in. It’s one of the safest ways for our employees to access tree tops. We can extend the bucket up to 75 feet and eliminate any need for our crew to climb dangerous trees.

  • 60 and 75 foot bucket extensions
  • Fast and efficient tree removal
  • Easy access to tree tops
  • Improves safety

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Safer Tree Trimming and Removal

If a tree expert climbs a tree to a significant height then safety becomes an issue. Furthermore, climbing spikes can injure a tree. A bucket truck is a solution to the problem.

Most trees on residential or commercial property can be trimmed using our 60 and 75 foot bucket trucks.

At Clark’s Tree Service, we also work to make sure the truck is on solid ground and place ground protection mats where needed, so that we minimize ground damage wherever possible.

To learn more about how Clark’s can help you manage the trees on your property, visit our Tree Services page.